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Handling of personal data

Konfektyrfabriken Aroma AB complies with the EU's data protection regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Aroma with subsidiaries stores and processes personal data for staff, customers and suppliers with whom we have agreements.
We only save information as long as it is needed to fulfill the agreement and we have rules for cleaning our records.
If you have questions about our routines or the personal data we store, contact us

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We use different cookies at

This website contains two different types of cookies. Persistent cookies, which is a text file sent from here and stored on your computer that can, for example, remember your favorite recipes. Temporary session-based cookies that are only stored temporarily and that disappear when you close your browser. We also use various tools from social media, both third-party solutions and custom-built, to increase interaction on the site such as: "Like", "Share" or "Tweet". If you already use one of these social media platforms, their cookies may be set via our website and linked to your account with that specific provider. The data may then be used by them to customize functionality or advertising on their website based on how you use their service on our website. We may also use third-party cookies (set by other websites, e.g. Google) to compile and store anonymous data and statistics about search or site behavior which, together with other visitor data, are used for the purpose of creating statistical compilations and reports. This data is completely impersonal and is not linked to your personal data.

What happens if I do not accept cookies?

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You can read more about cookies for more information here.