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A good Swedish confectionery history

We have been making sweets since 1921. Gottfrid Eklund was the name of the man who, together with Max Forslund, started making caramel in a kitchen in Vasastan. They did everything by hand and sold to smaller stores in Stockholm and so the company took off. With over 100 years in the industry, the company is still Swedish-owned and we still have our production in Stockholm, which makes us one of the few confectionery companies that still produces in Sweden. We are really proud of that!

Aroma's range consists of classic quality candies where many varieties have been some of Sweden's absolute favorite pieces for decades. Because who hasn't heard of Green Frogs, chewy Rats, Raspberry/Licorice Boats and Jelly Raspberries? Aroma is behind all these originals that have been loved by all of Sweden for many generations. One example is green frogs, which was a hit when they were launched in 1935 and which is still one of our absolute bestsellers, with its unique and irresistible taste and texture.

An all-Swedish company with a passion for sweets

Aroma is to be a leading, Swedish-owned confectionery company with its production of quality products in Sweden, and the ambition is for us to have a clear position among the major international players. We build our business on a promise to our consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and owners.

Our entire operation and organization must be imbued with high quality thinking. Our motto is "Quality in everything we do". We must exceed our customers' requirements. A high rate and level of product development will ensure that we are and remain an attractive partner to our customers. We must establish a culture in the company where continuous improvement is the norm. Our core values are fundamental in everything we do.