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"Quality in everything we do" is our promise to our consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and owners. This means that our entire business and organization must be imbued with high quality thinking. No matter where in the business you meet us, it could be our salespeople, our customer service, order and invoicing department, purchasing department or in production, quality thinking must always be prioritized. Of great importance in our work is a constant effort to manufacture and sell products that are as safe as possible for the consumer.

Our Quality Policy is the cornerstone of our quality work:

  • We will manufacture affordable confectionery of high quality that meets the customers' expectations.
  • Our products must be manufactured according to good manufacturing practice, be safe for the consumer and comply with the legislation that applies in all markets where the products are sold.
  • We must be open to customers and consumers in matters relating to quality and content - primarily in terms of nutritional values, additives and allergy risks - and be able to provide quick answers.
  • Our employees must have the knowledge, equipment and information needed to perform quality work and to be able to constantly work with improvements and changes in the business. The information is secured through monthly staff meetings.


Openness and objectivity in matters relating to our operations with regard to the environment are watchwords within Aroma. Among other things, we want to contribute to sustainable development through circular thinking. Therefore, operations must be conducted with the least possible resource consumption and environmental impact. Our products and manufacturing processes must be safe for the environment and people. The operation must comply with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.

Aroma's environmental work must be based on a cyclical approach from raw material to consumer. Important areas in which we work to reduce environmental impact are:

  • Energy use: A reduction in energy use is one of the best ways for Aroma to reduce the company's impact on the environment.
  • Resource management of a water and raw materials: We work continuously to reduce raw material waste in production and the use of water.
  • Recycling of waste and packaging: Reducing the amount of waste and ensuring that waste and the packaging Aroma uses is recycled is a clear ambition for us.
  • Freight: Together with our partners; customers, suppliers and forwarders, we work to reduce the number of shipments and thereby the environmental impact.

Aroma's employees must have knowledge of environmental issues that are relevant to their daily work, and through Aroma's membership in the industry association ChoKofa, we have the opportunity to influence environmental work in a larger context.